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A Level Chemistry

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In Chemistry you will learn all about elements and compounds which are made of atoms, molecules and ions. You will study their composition, structure, properties, behavior and the changes they undergo during a reaction with other substances.

Throughout the course you will study 6 modules. These include:

Module 1: Development and practical skills in chemistry which will be assessed in written papers.

Module2: Foundations in chemistry: In this module you will learn atomic structure, formulae, equations, amount of substance, moles, acid base reactions, oxidation and redox reactions and bonding in depth for a good basic understanding of chemistry.

Module 3: Periodic table and energy: Students will get a better knowledge and understanding of inorganic and physical chemistry. You will study the periodic table, enthalpy, rates and equilibrium topics.

Module 4: Core inorganic chemistry: you will study reactions of alkanes, alkenes, haloalkanes, alcohols and organic synthesis. You will also learn about analytical techniques such as infrared and mass spectrometry for identification of compounds.

Module 5: Physical chemistry and transition elements: This module extends the study of energy, reaction rates and equilibria, and the periodic table.

Module 6: Organic chemistry and analysis: Students will study several new functional groups and emphasises the importance of organic synthesis. You will also learn topics such as NMR spectroscopy and other analytical techniques used in organic and forensic analysis.

Your unique experience

You will attend seminars provided by universities, opportunities for trips to explore science outside the college and chances to get work experience in areas that you wish to explore.

Entry Qualifications

How is this course assessed?

100% Exams and compulsory required practical’s.

What can I do next?

In completion of this qualification you can progress onto careers such as:

  ●  Medicine

  ●  Dentistry

  ●  Pharmacy

  ●  Chemistry careers in research

  ●  Healthcare

  ●  Biochemistry

  ●  Forensic science

  ●  Chemical engineering

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