About Clarendon Sixth Form College

Jackie Moores Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to Clarendon Sixth Form College.

Welcome to Clarendon Sixth Form College. As the top performing college in Greater Manchester for school leavers and the ninth best college in the entire United Kingdom, we aim very high for our students. Our students have the best success rates in Greater Manchester.

(DfE statistics 2019)

As a student, your career aspirations and your experience are very important to us. We will ensure you have a fulfilling and purposeful time with us by providing first rate learning, work experience, support and enrichment opportunities.

Our Ofsted inspectors recognised the very strong teaching and the excellent high grades our students achieve. It is our role to prepare you for the best and most competitive degree courses at the best universities and the most sought after apprenticeships with key employers; ultimately to position you for your future career; to achieve the highest possible grades to ensure you can progress at the highest levels and to enable you to be the best future citizen you can be.

We have very high expectations of every member of staff and of every student. We will work with you and your parents and carers to push, stretch and challenge you to achieve, beyond your potential.

We look forward to seeing you at Clarendon Sixth Form College.

As a successful sixth form college with a long standing tradition of A level delivery, Clarendon Sixth Form College started life in Hyde in 1957 as Hyde Grammar School. It became a Sixth Form College in 1979 and relocated to Ashton town centre in 2015 as Clarendon Sixth Form College.