News from Clarendon Sixth Form College

Dancer Matthew accepted into prestigious London Studio Centre

Matthew Carroll, a performing arts student at Clarendon Sixth Form College, is excited about the next step in his career after accepting a place at London Studio Centre.

London Studio Centre is a theatre and dance school, founded in 1978, by well known choreographer Bridget Espinosa. It focuses on providing dance and ballet training to young people.

Matthew will study a BA in theatre dance, building on the skills he’s learnt whilst at Clarendon Sixth Form College. After completing his studies, he hopes to work in the cruise industry as an entertainer or in west end theatre shows.

Matthew said: “I am excited to be on a course that is completely dance and theatre orientated to hone my skills even further. I am also looking forward to spending three years at a place that offers the best training possible and is a fantastic gateway to industry.”

“The teachers at Clarendon Sixth Form College have shaped me into the dancer that I am today. Through all the trips, experiences and industry visits I found my passion for dancing and discovered my talents.”

Michelle Forrest, performing arts teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “Matthew has done extremely well to gain a place at London Studio Centre and I am sure he will go on to do fantastic things in his career. He clearly has a passion and dedication for dance, that not many can match and studying there will just make that stronger.”

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