News from Clarendon Sixth Form College

Art exhibition to make a splash at Ashton Old Baths

Art students from Clarendon Sixth Form College are all set to stage exhibition at the local innovation centre.

The ‘Experiment: Create’ art show, taking place on Thursday 25th January will launch the promotion of students’ employability, entrepreneurial and networking skills.  The students are taking over Ashton Old Baths with a showcase of their artwork aimed at attracting the interest of employers who use the business innovation centre.  Students’ work from a variety of different art disciplines will be on display including art and design, fashion, graphic design, photography and fashion.

Caitlin Dowd, art and design teacher at Clarendon Sixth Form College, said: “We are really excited about launching this new event.  Many of those in the creative sector are self-employed.  As well as having brilliant technical skills, they have to build a business by promoting themselves and their work.  This employability event will be a good opportunity for our students to engage with potential customers and suppliers in their future industry.”

Ashton Old Baths was reformed into an innovation centre in 2017. 25 businesses are based there and over 150 residents  access the centre, covering IT, technology, design, media, and creative sectors industries.

Fiona Ogden, Ashton Old Baths building manager, said: “We are really keen to support Clarendon Sixth Form College and this event. Ashton Old Baths is a big part of the community, and we are passionate about promoting social values and start-up businesses.  We often run business tours and open events. The opportunity to host the exhibition is another step to link the community with business and help promote local skills and potential workforce talent.”

To find out more about creative courses at Clarendon Sixth Form College, visit the college website or call 0161 908 6600.